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Günter Simen


The brand pull-over exists since 2003. When we produced the first wing bags it quickly became obvious that we could enhance the product´s value to the customer not only in terms of processing and optics, but also by improving the material. In some stages of development our air-bubble foil was optimized. Today we have the raw material specially manufactured to our specifications regarding the fleece on the inside, the film thickness and the light blue aluminum foil.

The majority of our customers have invested a lot of time and passion (not to mention money) in the building of their aircraft models. The most of them have valuable sport and scale models. By protecting them effectively modellers complete their investment and thereby help to maintain the value of their models. Since the models becoming ever lager with the modern production techniques, many pilots now find that a damage-free transport and storage is an additional challenge.
A growing number of customers come from abroad, because they appreciate not only the quality of our bags, but also the reliable service. Apart from the fast processing of orders, we are available personally usually six days a week. Customers also appreciate the quick processing of requests by email.

Currently we have a few hundrets of different templates for jet models, gliders and power models almost all of which can be viewed on our website. A set usually consists of bags for the wings, the elevator and the rudder. All bags are sewn completely, equipped with adjustable buckles and handles.
If a customer has a model which is not yet listed, he can send us helpful information like the outlines scale 1:1 painted on paper and some less details which we need to make an offer and convert the data into a tailor-made bag set. Once the order has been confirmed, the bags are produced within seven to ten days in our workshop in Kirchheim and delivered to the client.
For all customers who want a fast and individual handling of their tailormade wing bags, we offer the express service. This involves the client agreeing a date and bringing his model to our permises. There he can tell us first-hand what he requires and we can work out a solution together. The customer can participate during the entire production. Special requests will be implemented immediately, and at the end he takes his model packed and protected.

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